Things You Should Know

Injuries, Health Conditions, and Special Circumstances – Before class begins, let the instructor know about anything that might affect your practice, including injuries, health conditions, joint replacements, or pregnancy.

Please Note – If you have serious medical conditions or injuries, or you have chronic pain, or you are unsteady on your feet, please call or e-mail us before coming to class to discuss the best way for you to begin yoga. In these situations please do not just show up at the studio for a class. Also, you should obtain your doctor’s consent to participate in yoga before attending classes.

Adjustments – Adjustments are part of Iyengar Yoga. If you would prefer not to be adjusted, or if there is something teachers should know about adjusting you, let them know. You can always ask to speak to a teacher in private.

Try to Arrive Early – All classes start and end on time. Arrive early to class, and stay for the entire class. Do not leave before class ends. Arriving late or leaving early is disruptive to the teacher and other students.

If You Are Late – don’t leave! Come in quietly and sit in the props room doorway. Once the initial sit/chant is over, you can join the class. (To avoid disturbing others, don’t walk into the yoga studio while the teacher is leading the beginning sit/chant.)

For Your Safety – the ropes and swings are only to be used once you have been given permission by a Shala teacher. Students may not help other students when using these props.

What To Wear – Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow a full range of movement. Clothing should not get in the way of your practice or the teacher’s ability to observe your poses. Please do not wear perfume, cologne, essential oils, or other scents – they can be disturbing to other students and are very difficult to remove if they get on our props.

What To Bring – For health reasons, we recommend that you bring your own mat to class. (Please note that currently we do not offer storage for personal mats.) We also have mats available for public use.   We ask that you do not bring water bottles into classes.

Storage of Personal Belongings – We offer a place to store your wallet and cell phone that is visible from the studio. We suggest that you leave other valuables at home. Please remember to silence your cell phone before the class begins.

Iyengar Style Classes – Iyengar Yoga classes are, by nature, more structured than classes in many other yoga systems. We ask that you do the poses in the way they are being taught. If you have a question or feel discomfort, please speak up and the instructor will assist you by giving you a modification of the pose being taught or a different pose appropriate for you. The teacher might also give you a prop or an adjustment to help you better access the pose.

Women – Please note that during your period you will sometimes be given an alternative pose to replace a pose not recommended during this time.

Signing Up For Class – It’s helpful to make an online reservation before coming to class so the teacher will have the opportunity to know who to expect when planning the class. Even if you have reserved a space, please check in at the front desk.