Private And Workplace Yoga

Private Lessons

Individual Private Lessons – Students can take a single private lesson, combine private lessons with public classes, or study exclusively through private instruction. Private lessons might be appropriate for:

  • Beginning students who feel that classes are too overwhelming or intimidating
  • Regular practitioners who want to work on specific poses or get guidance on their practice
  • Students with specific issues that they want to address, such as assistance with conception and pregnancy,  migraines, depression, anxiety, back or neck pain, and other injuries or chronic conditions
  • Students who want the convenience of lessons at a preferred time and place

Group Private Lessons – We offer group lessons for friends or families for special occasions. Ongoing private lessons are also available for groups that want lessons at a specific time and place.

Rates for Private Lessons – Private lessons can be held at our studio or at your home. For off-site lessons, we can provide props for an additional charge or assist you in purchasing your own set.

1 student
At Yoga Shala: $100 /hour
Off-site : available for an extra charge

2 students
At Yoga Shala: $120/ hour
Off-site: available for an extra charge

Groups larger than 2
At Yoga Shala: $150/ hour
Off-site: available for an extra charge

Workplace Instruction

Packages for Employees – We offer special rates to workplaces that want to provide access to our studio classes for their employees.

Lessons at Your Workplace – We offer instruction for employers who want to offer classes on their premises. The classes will be customized to the abilities and interests of your employees. Our teachers are fully insured and offer high quality, safe instruction. We can help you to evaluate space and equipment requirements for your yoga classes, and will provide substitutes if the regular teacher is not available.

Please inquire about rates.
For more information, e-mail us or call us at 303-440-4100.