Class Descriptions

Who Can Attend Classes?

When taught well, yoga is a practice that is accessible to everyone. We offer classes accommodating students of all ages, experience levels, and abilities. If you have a serious injury or chronic condition, please contact us to discuss which classes are best for you.

Yoga 101 Series
We offer a four-week progressive series to teach students the fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga. This series is for complete beginners or for current students who want to review the basics. Go to the workshops tab in our schedule for the next Yoga 101 Series. Pre-registration is recommended for the Yoga 101 series.

Appropriate for students who require a slower-paced, more methodical class or who need special assistance.

These classes offer a foundation in Iyengar Yoga, teaching the basic actions in all categories of poses, and providing guidance for beginners.

These classes are for students with a solid Iyengar Yoga practice who have a strong foundation in and familiarity with the Iyengar method. For example, students must know how to do Sirsasana (Headstand) and Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) as they are practiced in the Iyengar tradition,  and they should be able to hold these poses for substantial lengths of time. If they are not able to do the classical poses they should know variations in the Iyengar style. Please note that students must have teacher permission in advance to attend Intermediate classes. Students should come to another class first so the teacher can observe their practice and evaluate their readiness for Intermediate classes.

All Levels
Beginner and Intermediate students are welcome to attend, and teachers give variations of poses for different levels of students.